LinksPet owners will find a lot of veterinary information online, but verifying the accuracy of the things you read can be an issue. That is why we have culled the web for reliable, trusted resources for you to learn more about your pet’s health. Please browse the list of links below to visit some of the veterinary websites we recommend for pet owners.

Cat Friendly Practice

Contributing to the decrease in cat visits is the stress associated with getting the cat to the veterinary practice and owners who are unaware of the need for wellness and preventive care. The Cat Friendly Practice program provides a solution to this trend.

Wedgewood Pharmacy

We care about the things that matter most to you — like helping to make sure that your pet takes the custom-compounded medication that your veterinarian has prescribed

Care Creditcredit care button

CareCredit is the healthcare payment option that covers an important range of needs, including veterinary costs for dogs and cats.


Healthy Cats for Life

Cats are America’s #1 Pet, but they aren’t getting the veterinary care they need. Call The Vets Animal Hospital to schedule a wellness visit today.

Essential Cattitude

An insight into the feline world.

Bringing your Cat To the Vet

Tips and tricks to get your cat into the carrier for their visit to the vet.


There are many health concerns that can impact every stage of your pet’s life — from a torn ligament during an exuberant puppy stage to arthritis caused by old age — and many of these health conditions cannot be predicted. This is where pet insurance can help.

Care Credit

CareCredit is the healthcare payment option that covers an important range of needs, including veterinary costs for dogs and cats.

Larimer Humane Society

Founded in 1969, Larimer Humane Society is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and provide the responsible care and treatment of animals. As Northern Colorado’s largest open-admission animal care facility, we provide shelter, medical attention and care to thousands of lost, abandoned, injured, abused, ill and orphaned animals each year.

Weld County Humane Society

It is a priority of the Humane Society of Weld County to adopt out healthy and behaviorally sound animals to our caring community. Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, feeding and medical care for the thousands of animals who need our help every year. It costs the shelter about $25 per day for each animal.

Royal Canin

At Royal Canin, we believe the secret to providing cats and dogs with the best nutrition lies not in any passing fad, but in well-researched scientific fact.

Hills Pet Food

Discover the solution veterinarians trust. Nutritional support when your pet needs it the most



Intestinal Parasites: Roundworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms
We are annual deworming dogs and cats with the products listed below. The importance of deworming your pet is for your safety and the safety of others. Did you know your children can be infected with intestinal parasites from your dog or cat?
Here is the life cycle of Roundworms:

Pet Loss Support

Whether you’re anticipating or coping with the loss of a beloved companion animal, the Pet Grief Support Service recognizes your pain and offers you understanding, compassion and support.

Pet Hospice

The International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care is dedicated to promoting knowledge of, and developing guidelines for, comfort-oriented care to companion animals as they approach the end of life.

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