At The Vets Animal Hospital, we accept all pet insurance and take all forms of payment and major credit cards.
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Care Credit

CareCredit is the healthcare payment option that covers an important range of needs, including veterinary costs for dogs and cats.

pet insurance

Why Get Health Insurance for Dogs and Cats?

Pet insurance helps provide peace of mind in case the unfortunate should happen. Its purpose is to help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur in the future. Unfortunately, it will not cover any current conditions your pet may have, which are known as pre-existing conditions. This means that the ideal time to insure your pet is as early as possible so that anything that happens in the future will be covered.

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There are many health concerns that can impact every stage of your pet’s life — from a torn ligament during an exuberant puppy stage to arthritis caused by old age — and many of these health conditions cannot be predicted. This is where pet insurance can help.