Vet Special Offers:

We love welcoming new clients!  Please present this coupon either by print or on your phone to receive $25 off your 1st Wellness Visit.

Not valid for emergencies or urgent care visits.

January is Senior Month!

10% Off bloodwork and preventative care exams.

We have developed a senior wellness program to help identify health problems sooner:

  • Twice yearly examinations
  •   - Checking for arthritis
  •   - Oral examination
  •   - Evaluate for brain aging signs: confusion, wandering, sleep disturbances
  •   - Eye exam: cataracts, evidence of hypertension
  •   - Pain assessment
  • Blood and urine testing: evaluates how well your pet’s organs are functioning
  • Nutrition consultation to maintain ideal body weight
  • Regular fecal examinations/deworming
  • Heartworm/Tick-borne disease testing
  • Flea/tick/heartworm preventive
  • Immunizations
  • Blood pressure check
  • Consider chest X-rays and electrocardiogram

Based on your pet’s exam and the results of wellness testing, we will develop a treatment plan with you to provide the highest quality care for your aging pet.

At The Vets Animal Hospital, we value our patients and clients, and we appreciate the role we get to play in your pet's health care. As our way of saying thank you, check this page for different vet specials that will help you save on services and products.

The Key To Good Dental Health
Regular dental exams can identify oral changes that can be addressed here during a dental cleaning.  This is a sedated procedure that allows us to thoroughly examine the entire mouth - the teeth, roots, gums, and surrounding bone.  Your pet gets exactly what you get when you go to the dentist!  We probe for pockets where the gum has receded from the tooth, take dental x-rays to evaluate the health of the roots, use a scaler to remove tartar, polish the teeth, and, if needed, treat any diseased teeth.

Again, all of us at The Vets Animal Hospital want to thank you and your pets for being a loyal member of our community. We are grateful that you have chosen us as your pet's health care provider.